November 25, 2021

The Gift That Keeps On Giving (to Charity)

Alzuru even thinks the psychological effects that transparent blockchains foster, the same mental forces that drive people to display NFTs as avatars on social media, could benefit charity. “With crypto,...
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Payments Giant Stripe Is Not Ruling Out Crypto Payments, Says Co-Founder

Stripe may not have completely ruled out the possibility of accepting crypto payments again. The payment giants which had stopped accepting crypto payments in 2018 due to volatility concerns are...
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The future is Bitcoin according to South Park creators

South Park, the animated TV series that often tackles topical issues with a comedic twist, showed Bitcoin being used as a mainstream means of payment in the not too distant...
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Morgan Stanley just bought the Bitcoin (BTC) dip through Grayscale shares

Institutional investors’ interest in Bitcoin has refused to wane despite the continued price volatility of the flagship digital asset which has seen the asset rise to over $68,000 then drop...
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Bitcoin Thanksgiving Gift, Why BTC Heads For Fresh Rally

Bitcoin has been trading on the green side this Thanksgiving morning with a 4.1% profit in the 24-hour chart. Approaching a critical resistance level, BTC’s price stands at $59,042 and...
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Jury to Decide Fate of Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Lawsuit Involving Craig Wright – Bitcoin News

On Tuesday, November 23, the closing arguments for both sides of the Kleiman v. Wright trial finished and now ten jurors will decide the fate of the billion-dollar bitcoin lawsuit....
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Axie Infinity virtual land slot sells out for 550 ETH

In a tweet posted by Axie Infinity late Thursday, a lucrative land plot within the monster-battle fantasy nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, game sold for 550 ETH ($2.3 million). Axies are...
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Elon Musk Defends Binance DOGE Holders, CZ Fires Back

Elon Musk has defended DOGE holders on Twitter by calling the Binance Dogecoin situation “shady.” CEO Changpeng Zhao has fired back with a response. Elon Musk Says Binance DOGE Situation...
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Canada Needs a Loonie-Linked Digital Currency, Policy Experts Say

Such a feat by the Bank of Canada will require any potential stablecoins to be well designed and regulated to make them attractive to Canadians, Zelmer and Kronick wrote. The...
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Bitcoin Dominance Slides Below 40% for First Time in 6 Months – Market Updates Bitcoin News

During the last week, the price of bitcoin has been hovering below the $60K range and digital currency advocates are wondering which way the market is headed next. At the...
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